the lull of fungus

the lull of fungus

Kinetic light Installation

Shiitake mushroom of raw wood
Fog, Light, Motor, Speaker, Radio

At the Warehouse of JA Agatsuma
Nakanojo biennale 2019
Aug,24 – sep,23, 2019

In this town where agriculture is the primary industry, this warehouse owned by Japan Agricultural Cooperatives was used as a factory to harvest and process shiitake mushrooms.
With the influence and impact of the Great East Japan earthquake which resulted in a nuclear plant accident and radioactive pollution, the number of raw wood shiitake mushroom farmers decreased, and this warehouse is currently not in use.
Researching the ecology of fungi (mushrooms)  was truly intriguing, and led me to find commonality with myself who utilizes light and sound to create artwork.
As an artist, I have decided to accumulate my feelings in this warehouse, a place where farmed products created by passionate farmers were collected and stored.
Just like cultivating and harvesting mushroom spawns, I have collected delicate photons of this town and will expand the silent sounds to a scale of perception.