Shifting colors

Shifting colors
Full HD 5ch
Stereo sound

This work created in 2018 is a recreation of a video artwork created back in 2008, using the same materials and methods.

The original work created in 2008, “it comes and it goes”, is based on an tragic incident the artist himself experienced.
The artist was suddenly faced with great grief when he received news of a suicide of a family member when he was at Tokyo Terminal Station.
The artist was fixated at the spot, unable to move and fighting with the overflowing tears and emotions. Amongst the chaos occurring in his mind, he found a small hint to overcome the sadness.
Within the pool of tears in his eyes, he saw the outlines of vivid colors and people coming and going melting among the bright lights of Tokyo, and it  appeared like a beautiful person not as an individual, but a scenery.
The artist recorded the scenery on an analog tape, right after this incident with the video recorder he always carried with him.

The tears acted as a filter to blur the outlines and allow the colors and light to melt, and similarly this art work uses a program that fuses particles in a media to dilute the colors.
Tears can blur the scenery in front of you. Similarly, the media uses pixelation to conceal information, and recorded memories can be processed to fabricate them. The artist took the same approach and modified his emotions and altered it to a media of artwork.
10 years after its creation, the 720 x 480 pixel analog video has been reconstructed  to a 9600 x 1080 pixel high definition digital video form.
The newly created work in this format is a depiction of not only the evolution of video media, but also the transition of memories and emotions due to the change of perspective of the author who is viewing his past from the present.

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